Mark Joseph Stern

Mark Joseph Stern is a senior writer covering courts and the law for Slate Magazine. Based in Washington, D.C., he has covered the U.S. Supreme Court, federal appellate and district courts, and state and local courts since 2013

A native of Tallahassee, Florida, Mark holds a J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center and a B.A. in History and Art History from Georgetown University. He is a member of the Maryland Bar. His areas of expertise include LGBTQ+ equality, reproductive rights, criminal justice, and Supreme Court jurisprudence. 

Mark is the author of American Justice 2019: The Roberts Courts Arrives, published by the University of Pennsylvania Press. He has co-authored several law review articles about free speech, gay rights, and transgender equality.

He and his husband welcomed a son in 2023 and are the proud caretakers of one rescue dog and three adopted birds.

You can reach Mark at